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Contact Form
This project is hosted on GitHub , if you know how to use git then feel free to reach me by those methods -- submit a pull request for a new song, open an issue for incorrect lyrics, that kind of stuff.

If you don't know about that, no worries! That's CS-geek stuff, so I don't expect everyone to know it. Feel free to reach out to my personal email , and put "CLC" or "Celtic Lyrics Corner" in the description, and we'll go from there. I'll try to repond within a day or so, but I should warn that I'm currently a Ph.D. student, so if I don't respond that fast it's probably because life can get crazy!

If you've got song requests, either open an issue for them in the GitHub repo, or email me and I'll add them there myself.

I want this to be a community effort , so don't feel shy about contributing if you have something! Personally, I know a lot more about the Scottish side of things than the Irish, so any help on that front would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and I hope you have been enjoying the site!

Finally, if you're the original owner of this content, please do get in contact with me! All the old contact links and forums 404'ed unfortunately, but if you would like to reclaim this project, or would like me to take it down and relinquish control, I'll comply happily. I just thought it a shame for such an awesome project to die as it had.