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Q: Do you have lyrics to the song ____?
A: If it's not on the site, most likely no. If it's in English, I may be able to write them up. Try doing some digging on google if it's not on here already.

Q: Can you translate ___ for me?
A: I speak some Gàidhlig, and even less Gaeilge. If it's not on the site already I can't personally help you. Maybe someone in the community can though! Post a request on the github and maybe someone will be able to fulfil it for you! And if you speak one of those languages, please do contribute if you can!

Q: Why don't you have (artist/album) on your site?
This site is a collaborative effort! The original site was one person's home collection, but it's expanded to include whatever albums or artists the community listens to. If it's not on here yet, that means that either I haven't heard of it (and hence couldn't have been able to add it) or nobody in the community has stepped up yet. Maybe that can be you?

Q: I can send you the lyrics to _____ if you want to add them!
A: Absolutely! Shoot me an email, or if you know VCS head over to the github and do your stuff there. There's a general format for plaintext lyrics files, which get auto-generated into full pages, and from there submit a pull request for either the plaintext file or the generated page! Please note that if you make the page, it needs to be in UTF-8 encoding.

Q: Can I put a link to this on my page?
A: Go ahead, spread the word and get more people involved in this community!

Le deagh dhùrachd,
Will Collings